From the Historian’s Desk:

One of the benefits of attending the monthly KC ASHRAE meetings is the opportunity to hear from a variety of experts in the field of HVAC and engineering which one may not otherwise be exposed to. Over the years, the Kansas City Chapter of ASHRAE has had the privilege of being addressed by many respectable people in the world of HVAC and engineering. Here are a few of the notable speakers and topics ASHRAE has enjoyed, which additionally gives us a glimpse into the history of our city and nation:

–   The May 1965 speakers were Josh Kindred and Bert Nash, who spoke about the exciting new Kansas City skyscraper, the Commerce Tower Building. The meeting included a tour of this remarkable new building.

–   The October 1968 speaker was Dr. Frederick H. Rohles, who gave a talk on “Monkey Engineering”. Dr. Rohles was the space scientist who trained Ham and Enos, the chimpanzees who preceded man into space in NASA’s project Mercury program.

–   The October 1969 speaker was Dr. Myron D. Calkins, Director of Public Works for Kansas City, MO, who spoke about the development of the Kansas City International Airport, which would encompass 5,000 acres with three main runways and four terminal buildings.

Next time you think you might skip a chapter meeting because of your busy schedule, think instead of the opportunity you could be missing. It could be history in the making.

Here is a look into the history of the Kansas City’s Chapter!

Chapter Historian