Monday, February 1 is our annual Past President’s Lunch. I am excited to think of all our Chapter Past Presidents attending and meeting David Underwood. Currently, our Chapter has 33 living Past Presidents who are invited. It will be great for our Chapter to have our past leaders assemble as our guests!

ASHRAE Chapter leadership requires no small effort and the men and women who have served spent years on committees and in the Board of Governors. That is one of the greatest benefits ASHRAE has to provide those who will take advantage of the opportunity.

Many of us had the opportunity to meet David Underwood at CRC this summer. Some met him at last years’ ASHRAE’s Winter Meeting in Chicago; some will in Orlando. In any case you will be able to meet him in Kansas City, up-close and personal. We have had a number of ASHRAE Presidents visit our Chapter in the past. All of them are unique individuals of personality and character. David Underwood is another exceptional individual and we are delighted he has included our Chapter in his busy schedule.

Bring a guest

Please make an extra special effort to attend so you can meet David Underwood and those on whose shoulders this Chapter stands. Register and bring another associate from your company.

ASHRAE Social & Family Fun Event, Wednesday, February 4th, 5-8 PM

Whirlyball registration is now open ONLINE. Bring a friend, bring your family. The BOG wants to provide opportunities for you to get to meet other ASHRAE Members in a social and fun setting. I can’t wait to drive those bumper cars trying to score a GOAL!!! Slashing the opponent is against the rules and body checking is not recommended . . . I suspect diving in front of a bumper car HURTS! Otherwise, this will be a lot of fun. I’m bringing my family; I hope to see many of you there.

Develop Your Leadership

We are still seeking more people to become involved in small and large ways in the Chapter. This is an exciting time to participate in our Chapter Operations. There are unprecedented opportunities for many of you to bring your talent to the committees and leadership team. Let us know if you are interested.

See you February 1st and February 4th.

Jim Noé

Chapter President 2015-2016