January 2015


Kansas City ASHRAE Members!

It is hard to believe but the year 2014 is almost complete, with 2015 right around the corner.  The

“Great Recession” appears to be solidly behind us as economic activity is continually increasing.  2015 is charged to be a great year for design and construction and the HVAC industry will benefit from the growth.  

Our January program will be presented by ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer Victor Goldschmidt.  I personally have yet to hear Mr. Goldschmidt speak, but everyone that has raves about his knowledge, humor and ability to captivate an audience.  Please make every effort to attend our January Luncheon!  

At the end of January, the ASHRAE 2015 Winter Conference will be held in Chicago.  If you have not been in the past, I highly recommend attending.  There are countless opportunities for education through seminars, presentations, product demonstrations, technical committee discussions as well as networking with the leaders in the HVAC industry.   More information can be found at


Have a Merry Christmas, safe and prosperous New Year and I look forward to seeing everyone on

January 12th!  


Jason R. Funk

ASHRAE Kansas City Chapter