April 2014


ASHRAE Members,


March Madness is in full effect and Wichita is going to earn some fame this year from something other than the university’s basketball team…. ASHRAE CRC! Mark your calendars now for our Centralized Regional Conference that will be held in Wichita the first week of August. If you are interested in attending, please let me know and we can discuss opportunities for cost reimbursement.

Our April program will be presented by Ron Jarnagin discussing changes to energy standards ASHRAE 90.1‐2013 and the new energy standard ASHRAE 90.4 for data centers. Mr. Jarnagin is a true expert in understanding ASHRAE energy code. Mr. Jarnagin is a Past‐President of ASHRAE Society, formerly served as Chair of Standard 90.1 Technical Committee and is the
current Chair of the 90.4 Committee.

I look forward to seeing everyone on April 7th!


Tom Benassi

ASHRAE Kansas City Chapter