Monday, March 7th is our next meeting. PLEASE NOTE, it is a dinner meeting and Student Night.  When you register, please also pay for a student as well.  Students attend free, but the cost is $25/person.

This month’s program . . . Bring a Guest

You won’t want to miss this prestegious ASHRAE BIM Panel of engineers, an architect, a general contractor and BIM developer discussing the important questions and current topics and latest technology. Sign up early and bring a guest, a co-worker or a client.

The turnout for our annual Past President’s Lunch was great!  Our Chapter has 33 living Past Presidents, many of whom were in attendance for the first time in years.  It was a very special time for our chapter as we head into our 100th Anniversary in 2017.  Thank you to our past presidents for their service and continuing support!

Thank you to David Underwood for a wonderful presentation on Commissioning and making the February 2016 luncheon so special for the Chapter. I trust he won’t forget Kansas City . . . we hope you will wear the shirt of champions with pride  and bravery at home (Toronto).  ; )

It’s THAT time of year again! Keep an eye out for our Watch Parties!

March 13th – Selection Sunday; March 15-16 The Big Dance Begins; March 17-20 – 2nd Round; March 25, 27 – Sweet 16 & Elite 8; April 2 – Final Four; April 4 – Nat’l Championship

Are You Ready for ASHRAE Chapter Leadership?

Did you take the opportunity to talk with one or more of our Past Presidents? I have over the last few months, what a remarkable group they are.  There are many ways to become involved.  It is an exciting time to get started.  There are unprecedented opportunities for many of you to bring your talent to the committees and leadership team.  Let us know if you are interested.

See you March 7th.

Jim Noé.

Chapter President 2015-2016