See the Breeze for my message and for a recap of last month’s meeting.

Chapter Operations & Leadership

Speaking of leadership and committees . . . The work of each ASHRAE Chapter is accomplished by volunteers working together to serve the members of this chapter. We are looking for more to join us as the Chapter grows. There are several opportunities on various committees:

·         Publicity Committee

·         Student Activities

·         Research Promotion

·         Chapter History

·         Honors & Awards

·         Newsletter & Website

·         Membership

·         YEA (Young Engineers)

·         Grassroots Government Activities

·         Sustainability

·         2017 CRC & 100th Anniversary


Please let us know if you are interested in joining the leadership team. Our contact information is on the last page of the Breeze.

See you November 2nd. Go Royals!

Jim Noé

Chapter President 2015-2016