2017-2018 Kansas City ASHRAE Officers


Member Position E-mail Address Phone
Kevin Morris President *protected email* 816-896-7966

Dieter Myers

Dieter Myers

President Elect *protected email* 816-822-3537

Jarrod Foster

Jarrod Foster

Vice President *protected email* 816-751-9280

Susan Nagel

Treasurer *protected email* 816-880-9800

Ann Peratt

Secretary *protected email* 913-492-2400

Amy Stadler

BOG *protected email* 913-722-3473
Andrea Phillips BOG *protected email* 816-891-3715

Jim Root

Jim Root

Past President *protected email* 816-213-6932

2017-2018 Kansas City ASHRAE Committees


Position Name E-Mail Address Phone Number
BEP/Sustainability Taylor Shepard *Protected Email* 816-728-5379
Communications Jerri Brewer *Protected Email* 913-742-5531
CTTC Jarrod Foster  *Protected Email* 816-751-9280
Govt. Grassroots Andrea Phillips *Protected Email* 816-891-3715
Historian Blake Ellis *Protected Email* 816-822-3332
Honors and Awards Jim Noe *Protected Email* 913-915-1681
Membership Amy Stadler *Protected Email* 913-722-3473
PAOE Kevin Morris *Protected Email* 816-896-7966
Publicity Jim Noe *Protected Email* 913-915-1681
Product Directory Keith Williams *Protected Email* 913-894-4455
Programs Committee Stuart Bradent *Protected Email* 816-842-8437
Programs Committee Kelley Cramm *Protected Email* 913-742-5672
Programs Committee Amy Stadler *Protected Email* 913-722-3473
Programs Committee Blake Ellis *Protected Email* 816-822-3332
Refrigeration Gene Ziegler *Protected Email* 816-509-8480
Refrigeration Greg May *Protected Email* 913-742-5604
Research Promotion Dieter Myers *Protected Email* 816-822-3537
Student Activities Keith Hammerschmidt *Protected Email*  913-322-1400
Student Activities Adam Neth *Protected Email* 816-228-3377
Website Aaron Wagner *Protected Email* 816-891-3616


Last Update: September 2017

BOG = Board of Governors

CRC = Chapter Regional Conference

CTTC = Chapter Technology Transfer Committee

TEGA = Technical, Energy, and Government Activities