Thank you!  We reached our RP goal!

We reached our goal!  After some last minute donations, as well as the checks that we mailed to  Headquarters,  we finally reached our goal.  Due to our fabulous donors, we were able to finish 2017 off by meeting our year-end campaign goal!

Thank you to all those that contributed to this campaign below! Once we get caught up, we will post of our donors throughout the year as well.

The Research Promotion Campaign annually raises funds to support ASHRAE’s research program. It is conducted by the Society’s membership through local chapter volunteers and receives over 7,000 contributions each year from the membership and companies associated with the HVAC&R industry.

This annual support totals more than $1.9 million annually and is matched dollar-for-dollar by ASHRAE from the proceeds of the annual winter AHR Exposition. Since ASHRAE pays all the fund raising expenses, 100% of every donor’s invested dollar goes into the research program.

Full Circle is awarded to chapters where all officers contribute at least $100 to Research Promotion. Kansas City received the Full Circle award for 2015-2016 and all officers have already made their contribution for 2016-2017.

The 2015-2016 Research Promotion campaign is complete and we met our goal.  I want to thank each and every contributor from the smallest to the largest.  Your contributions help improve health and comfort around the world through the research ASHRAE funds.


Thank you!

Kevin Morris


Thank you to our donors!

Mr. Blake Ellis
Mr. Tony Ring
Mr. Bryan Babcock
Ms. Amy Stadler
Mr. Mark Riscoe
Mr. Blair Wildermuth
Mr. Lawrence Navran
Mr. Michael Poland
Mr. Dieter Myers
Mrs. Ann Peratt
Charles D. Jones Company
Mr. Jim Root
Mr. Jonathan Smith
Mr. Kevin Morris
Thermal Components Company
Ms. Susan Nagel
Mr. Mark Riscoe
Mr. Jarrod Foster
Mr. Jerry Casey II
Mr. Jim Noe
Mr. Robert Hoisington


Ever wonder what happens to all the money?
Excellent question!

Research plays a huge role in all aspects of our built environment. Our health is determined by the health & functionality of the spaces we spend over 90% of our time in! Our homes, offices, schools, hospitals, & retail spaces and even the food we eat are all affected and hopefully protected by their HVAC&R system, or lack thereof. Please Remember every dollar our region contributes to Research comes right back to our region!

Recently ASHRAE invested $5.2 million dollars towards testing and research of low GWP refrigerants and updating the refrigeration handbook


Education (ALI) – ASHRAE Learning Institute
– Development of new Courses and Training Materials
– Certification
– Continuing Education
– Introduction into the Industry

ASHRAE Foundation (Research Endowed Funds)
– Permanently endowed funds
– 5% interest annually into perpetuity
– Endowed Scholarship funds support ASHRAE Controlled Scholarships

General Fund
– Support for special research projects

– Specialized educational publications
– Sustainability projects at the Annual or Winter Conferences
– YEA (Young Engineers in ASHRAE) Leadership Programs – Leadership weekend, Industry training, professional development

– Supports Research since 1930

– ASHRAE Staff, donor Rec, Supplies, Travel and everything else is paid for from the profits ASHRAE receives from the AHR Show.