YEA Bowling Tournament 

Thank you to everyone who came out and participated in the ASHRAE YEA Bowling Tournament! Congratulations to the Associated Air Product Team on being crowned champions.

1st – Associated Air Products – 1053
2nd – Burns & McDonnell – 1010
3rd – BCS – 904
4th – Victaulic – 876
5th – Midwest Mechanical – 862
Sacko – Sanhua – 809

A extra special thank you to our sponsors:
Burns & McDonnell
CFM Distributors
Charles D Jones
Triangle Sales




The LeaDRS program is designed to give younger ASRHAE members an in depth perspective on how ASHRAE functions at a regional and society level.

This is an all-expenses paid trip (includes flights, hotel, food, ASHRAE registration) to the ASHRAE Summer and Winter Meetings to shadow our DRC (Blake Ellis). There will be two recipients who will be selected to attend one of the two conferences this ASHRAE year. The winter meeting will be held in Las Vegas, NV (Jan 30 – Feb 1, 2017) and the summer meeting will be in Long Beach, CA (June 24-28, 2017).

The Application due date for this is Sept 10, 2017 5:00pm Central.  Application Here!


YEA Development Program Sponsorship

At this year’s CRC, the Region IX Leadership voted to pass an annual sponsorship for three (3) YEA members to attend a YEA Development Program. This sponsorship covers travel cost (flights or mileage) and registration for the event. Registration includes the sessions, hotel, and meals for the days of the event.  The YEA Development Programs include YEA Leadership Weekend, YEA Leadership Weekend 2.0, and YEA Technical Weekend. These weekends are designed to give resources to our YEA members (Graduation from College to 35). Below are descriptions of each event.  Sponsorship Application Here!

YEA Leadership Weekend

–  YEA Leadership Weekend is an opportunity for future leaders of ASHRAE to learn more about Society, develop soft skills and network with other young professionals.

–  The event includes segments on understanding your own personality as well as other types, leadership development for young professionals, communication techniques and ASHRAE leadership opportunities.

–  Objectives of leadership weekend are leadership, networking, communication, and professional development

–  Leadership Weekends are held twice per year.  Register at

YEA Leadership Weekend 2.0:

–  YEA Leadership Weekend 2.0 is a continuation of YLW. It is a smaller group with a more focused objective of training for management and leadership skills.

–  The event will have a more focused goal of training people to building teams and to use a teams strengths to accomplish goals.

–  Objectives of leadership weekend are:

Advanced Leadership, networking, communication, and professional development

Training for current and future ASHRAE chapter and society leadership as well as today and tomorrows industry leaders.

–  Leadership Weekends 2.0 are held once per year:

San Fransisco, CA (April 2017)

Register at

YEA Technical Weekend:

–  Technical training opportunity

–  Inaugural event scheduled for TBD in Atlanta, GA. Register at

–  Two professional development courses:

–  Basics of High-Performance Building Design/Understanding Standard 189.1-2011 for High Performance Green Buildings, by Thomas M Lawrence, Ph.D., PE

–  Advanced High-Performance Building Design, by Jeff Ross-Bain, PE, BEMP